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We live in an era of popular phrases and ‘sustainable travel’ is one for sure that often feels difficult to reconcile with reality. At 360 Private Travel this troubles us, naturally, and we’re going to do something tangible to make travel a force-for-good in the post-COVID-19 era. Some of our Partners have formed The Conscious Travel Foundation as a vehicle for change (see below) – to celebrate and promote true sustainability in smaller, owner-operated travel businesses. Let’s be clear: true sustainability is a way to travel and explore the world that leaves a positive footprint on the destination, to benefit the local economy, protect local cultures and traditions, and safeguard ecosystems. There are many, but these are just some of our picks of destinations that, we feel, do just that...

The Brando, French Polynesia

This tranquil property – on a private atoll beloved of former US President Barack Obama – is carbon-neutral by using innovative seawater air-con, solar panels and even coconut oil as a biofuel. Leonardo Di Caprio's Earth Alliance foundation is a supporter of heroic efforts here to hugely boost coral and marine conservation.

Borana Lodge, Kenya

The Mount Kenya surroundings are beautiful, and so are the local schemes to keep them that way. All guests pay the now-customary African conservation fee, but here the Borana shareholders pledge to make up any shortfalls in costs for vital work. And all profits funnel back into key conservation and community projects, notably rhino protection. The Long Run organisation, which promotes the four Cs of Conservation, Community, Commerce and Culture, holds Borana in high esteem.

Soneva Fushi, Maldives

Sustainability has been at the heart of this luxury getaway since it opened 25 years ago. Come here to waft along with Soneva’s celebrated ‘Slow Life’ of wellness, learning, inspiration and organic, local cuisine. But also love the alertness of 100% carbon-neutrality with drinking water produced on-site (not imported), carbon-offset re-forestation on the Thai mainland, up-cycled waste, and homegrown food. Plus local society benefiting directly from responsible tourism.

The Conscious Travel Foundation

Two of my 360 Private Travel colleagues Amy Welfare and Katie Terrington have come together with other motivated travel industry colleagues to create The Conscious Travel Foundation. They aim to unite small, owner-operated travel businesses and create an industry platform for change to make travel a force for good. Funding initiatives back projects and charities around the world directly impacted by tourism, while mentoring by ‘Sustainable Heroes’ in the travel industry guides their members towards business decisions that drastically cut the environmental impact and, indeed, exceed carbon neutrality. A much more sustainable travel future, with practical steps, is the goal.

For more information on anything in this blog or if you would like your next holiday to be more sustainable, please get in touch with me.


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